Tour of Aggius, among museums, culture and bandits

Aggius is one of the towns of the High Gallura region, awarded Touring Club’s Bandiera Arancione (the Orange Flag in Italian), as an authentic hamlet to preserve.

Inside the town, the main attractions are the two museums: the Oliva Carta Cannas Ethnographic Museum and the Museum of Bandits.

The ethnographic museum – The Oliva Carta Cannas Ethnographic Museum – gathers exhibits that testify to the rich cultural heritage of the Gallura region: from history to tradition and folk culture. The exhibition includes antique furniture and artifacts used for local farm production (wine, bread, cheese, mastic oil) and traditional costumes.

The Museum of Bandits is a must-see attraction. A museum that tells the story of when Gallura and Corsica were linked by illegal trade and smuggling. For centuries, the territory of Aggius set the stage for murders, ambushes, kettle theft, and damages. Viceroy Francesco Ludovico Costa issued a decree threatening the destruction of the town of Aggius as deemed “a scandalous refuge and favor for bandits and thugs”.

On the other hand, bandits were considered by the people to be marginalized, to have fallen out of grace because of honor, and therefore were deemed worthy of respect and protection.

Upon request and by reservation it is possible to organize a guided tour of the museum.

Furthermore, the Agios cooperative organizes laboratories for children and adults. The spaces are limited and it is necessary to book in advance. Some examples:

  • ancient road games
  • walk in the nature of the “Resegone Aggese”
  • wool work and natural paint
  • bread baking for typical Sardinian and Gallurese festivities
  • brief weaving course
  • laboratory to build ancient games, laboratory for calligraphy