Arts and Crafts in the Gallura region

The cultural association called “Arti e mestieri dei portici” coordinates artisans and local farm producers to develop an independent strategy to promote manual work by local artisans and farmers.

The association aims at promoting small manual, artisanal and agricultural works, that represent an important cultural heritage of this area;

The members of the association are local artists, artisans and farmers who will periodically display their work at the Majore Hotel, once a week, usually on Mondays or Tuesdays.



Maria Luisa Chessa “La Tana Di Lu Maccioni”

Beekeeping, breeding of goats, cows, pigs and horses, fruits and vegetable growing, and processing of harvested and animal products


Peppina Cossu “L’Artigiano”

Knives – palm and raffia baskets – leather – Sardinian textiles.


Laura Lumachelli

Costume Jewelry, paintings, wooden decorations, gifts, clothes.


Fausto Ligios

Photography and creative recycling: ethical and creative recycling is an opportunity to create original objects to decorate your house. 


Chiara Seghene (collaboration)

With a degree in Decoration from the Academy of Arts, the artist has made the “sacred and profane” theme the center of her artistic work.