Teatri peregrini – land

The Festival “Teatri Peregrini” is the first theater festival in Gallura on theater as an art and as a science.
The topic of the 5th edition is LANDS. We would like to develop the relationship between nature and humanity through physical and emotional meetings between actors and spectators.

The main theme of the 5th edition will be narrations of lived, abandoned, imagineted, occupied, poetical, overworked, fighters, polluted, loved, ignored, painted, sung by, explored, isolated, narrated LANDS.
The challenge is to live the lands-stories trough an explorative game, where artists and activists, standing by spectators will bring them to the constructive part of the hi-story.

The Festival is meant to be a research meeting. The art of theater, as the most ancient art, will be the way to find new answers for the wellnes of person and territory.

Each event will be selected, in order to involve native and turistic spectator into a live relation in an ecologistic and culturally active way.
Most of the events will be a cooworking with one or more local reality together with artists and activists coming from all the differents part of the world.