What to see in Santa Teresa Gallura

Teatri peregrini – land

The Festival “Teatri Peregrini” is the first theater festival in Gallura on theater as an art and as a science. The topic of the 5th edition is LANDS. We would like to develop the relationship between nature and humanity through physical and emotional meetings between actors and spectators.

Trek of Bocche di Bonifacio

“The Trek of the Bocche di Bonifacio” is a three-day journey between the granites of the northern coast of Sardinia; starts from Isola Rossa (Trinita d’Agultu) and arrives at the Bay of Santa Reparata (Santa Teresa Gallura), always skirting the beautiful sea of the Bocche di Bonifacio. We are here if you want to relax [...]

Arts and Crafts in the Gallura region

The cultural association called “Arti e mestieri dei portici” coordinates artisans and local farm producers to develop an independent strategy to promote manual work by local artisans and farmers.

Tour of Aggius, among museums, culture and bandits

Aggius is one of the towns of the High Gallura region, awarded Touring Club’s Bandiera Arancione (the Orange Flag in Italian), as an authentic hamlet to preserve. Inside the town, the main attractions are the two museums: the Oliva Carta Cannas Ethnographic Museum and the Museum of Bandits. The ethnographic museum – The Oliva Carta [...]

The Longonsardo Tower

Built with granite blocks, the Longonsardo Tower is part of the first building plan wanted by King Philip II to defend the coast from incursions by the Mores and Berbers, who in previous years had ravaged the coasts of Sardinia.

Santa Teresa Gallura

Santa Teresa Gallura has recent origins; it was founded on August 12th, 1808. After persistent requests by Captain Magnon, who was in charge of a local garrison, King Victor Emmanuel I decided to found the hamlet and drew the blueprints himself.